Introducing the Hoglympics

The Hoglympics is a next-gen crypto metaverse project incorporating esports with the Solana blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance to produce an immersive, play-to-earn Olympic soccer game.
As the project's name suggests, eventually, the platform will offer room for other distinguished Olympic Games to be hosted. For the time being, we're excited to launch our arcade game soon of the most popular sport in the world, soccer.
It's an easy-to-pick-up game, alluring because of its competitive and addictive play-to-earn nature, which can attract millions of unexposed audiences to blockchain technology. We believe in increasing the odds of reaching these audiences by choosing soccer as our first Olympic Game and the various reasons stated in Gaming and the future.


Hoglympics Game: Team Germany VS. Team Italy
Build your ultimate Hoglympics team and rise through the League System, earning our token in the process, contending in future tournaments, and attaining the recognition to participate in the annual championship.
Your classic game starts with selecting 4 Hogs per team, each playing a different position. The following roles are available per team: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, or Striker. Be aware that every Hog has a set of natural abilities that make it more suitable for a particular role, so choosy wisely. A game typically lasts for ten minutes, consisting of two halves, with plenty of turns for both parties. Each game must conclude with a winning team! Otherwise, a penalty shoot-out will serve as the deciding factor.
Matches are played between the two teams in Stadiums, owned by players, and can be watched by other players, known as viewers. So, players own Hogs and Stadiums in the form of NFTs, and the in-game currency is known as Hoglympics token ($HOGS). Throughout this documentation, you will realize the most active and passive way to earn our token. Players who secured a position as one of the top-ranked players are rewarded with a repetitive income stream in $HOGS: the higher your rank, the greater the reward.

Game Modes

  1. 1.
    Training: Training mode to hone your Hog's general skills.
  2. 2.
    Hognations: A normal 4v4 match in which multiple players control each team while representing a country. Win points on behalf of your country and earn in the process. Which country has earned the most points after the season ends? Your contribution certainly won't go unnoticed!
  3. 3.
    Ultimate Team: A highly competitive game mode where each player controls their entire team. Winning games consistently awards you special League Points (LP) and a higher league over time, introducing greater rewards per game that you win and other benefits. You can even give your team a custom name.
Bear in mind that the second and third game mode leaderboards only take into account the Olympic soccer game. Eventually, when other sports are introduced to the Hoglympics, they will have separate rankings (including their own League System).

Play-to-Earn Model and Vision

As mentioned before, you can use our platform to earn both actively and passively. Stadium owners are rewarded for each game they host, while viewers influence the gameplay by rooting for a team and increasing morale. Nevertheless, the most significant incentive to earn of all will be to enter the Hoglympics yourself.
When a game is finished, $HOGS is split and distributed from the treasury among the winning team (75%), the Stadium owner (17.5%), and the viewers who have rooted for the winning team (7.5%).
Our goal is to accomplish a truly decentralized player-owned economy by empowering the player base with governance over the game's platform and treasury using a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where $HOGS plays a central role.