Gaming and the future

By the end of 2020, the video game market generated $162.32 billion in revenue. Back in 2019, this figure was approximately $151.55 billion. Gaming industry stats show that the industry is forecast to grow at 9.17% from 2020 to 2025. Video game trends show that the sector will likely reach combined revenues of $295.63 billion in 2026.
The emerging play-to-earn model coupled with blockchain and the metaverse is the future in this rapidly growing industry. Gaming has typically been a one-sided relationship, filling the owners' pockets, while players are left to constantly exhaust real-life resources (e.g., time and money) to enjoy their pastime. Of course, nobody forces you to play, but what if we could create a gaming infrastructure that is fun and rewarding beyond the virtual environment?
As one of the few creative platforms pushing this new concept of play-to-earn on the Solana blockchain, the introduction of the Hoglympics allows gaming to be more than just a recreational activity. Many of the play-to-earn games we have today have their metaverses with native cryptocurrencies used for transactions and to receive in-game assets and rewards. The Hoglympics game is a unique addition to this trend by incorporating DeFi and NFT principles into its functioning, resulting in an immersive and extremely rewarding metaverse.
We ensure that our community’s investment remains safe over the long term by utilizing different game-based optimization strategies to grow our token’s value.