Ultimate Team

A highly competitive 4v4 game mode where each player controls their entire team. The Ultimate Team game mode is considered the trademark of our game because a player's success in this game mode decides their earning potential over time. Players build their ultimate Hoglympics team consisting of 4 Hogs and match players of a similar skill level to play against each other, hoping to win as many games and ultimately climb the ranked ladder for increased rewards.
We want to emphasize that winning games doesn't translate to simply holding the best cards (i.e., NFTs). Surely, having a team composed of ultra-rare Hogs will dramatically increase your chances of rising through the lower ranks. However, the game offers a lot of versatility for counterplay when facing these stronger foes. Although your opponent might own the more naturally gifted Hogs, there is a workaround in most situations that give you a better odd to beat your opponent. At the same time, it requires you to strategize and outsmart.