League System

Hoglympics has a ranking system called the League System. In layman's terms, it enables people to play with their equals in a competitive environment. Additionally, it incentivizes them to become better players and enjoy the benefits of playing at a higher rating. The League System is based on six tiers that indicate players' expertise level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Players within each tier are ranked using a system of points called League Points (LP). Every time a player wins a match, LP is earned, and the distance between the next tier gets closer. For now, the League System itself only applies to the Ultimate Team game mode. Hognations game mode uses a separate leaderboard, but players aren't necessarily playing against opponents of equal skill. Playing Hognations game mode will be rewarding in its own way but less competitive.
The Six Hoglympics Tiers

Divisions and Promotions

Players don't jump directly from tier to tier but instead will have to deal with 4 separate divisions in every tier (except for the Master tier, which represents a fixed portion of the top-ranked players). Players will have to earn enough points to pass all 4 divisions in a tier. Before a player can advance to the next tier, the final task is completing a three-game promotion series, where at least 2 out of 3 games have to be won. Otherwise, a player will have to try again by winning enough points again.


Conversely, a division demotion could trigger if a player loses enough games. Beware, it can happen unexpectedly in the event of a player's rating dangling at the bottom of a division. Players are granted tier-loss protection when entering a new tier, yet demotion is never ruled out if a player loses too many games.

Placement Games

Entry into the ranked ladder (leaderboard) follows after an interim of 10 matches that determines the player's starting tier. During this time, there's no loss of LP or promotion series. Players discover their tier after finishing up the tenth match. As always, your performance matters the most in determining your starting position in the rankings. One of the benefits of joining a higher tier is that players are rewarded with more $HOGS for every game won. Players are obliged to specify a name for their Hoglympics team when entering the Ultimate Team game mode for the first time.
Further details about the League System are revealed in a future Medium article. Overall, we try to establish a predictable and demonstrably fair system that gives our players the right incentives to invest in Hoglympics. As a DAO will govern our platform, players can propose changes in our League System as necessary to keep the system functional, competitive, and rewarding for all community members.