Viewers (non-NFTs)

Another way to earn rather passively, although consisting of an element of luck, is to watch other players' matches and root for a team that ends up winning the game. Viewers can boost a team's morale, impact the game, and hinder the opposing team by throwing objects such as tomatoes.
Not to mention that viewers themselves have the opportunity to analyze other teams to improve their gameplay and employ specific tactics during a match.
As a viewer, you have to join and stay with a given match from the start; otherwise, you won't be able to (re-)enter. It's a measure to prevent players from only jumping in on the hottest games or to root for a team that is already very likely to win. Furthermore, you're only allowed to watch one match at once, which our algorithm will verify, including detection for system exploitation. Every Stadium is limited to hosting a fixed number of viewers, depending on their level and facilities. Rooting for the winning team in a popular game earns you more $HOGS than usual. Our annual championship and grand tournaments are expected to bring together many viewers, the most reputable stadiums, and, more importantly, the most sophisticated players. It's a significant marketing effort intended to produce hype and even more exposure to our game as it demonstrates the potential to earn with (playing games on) the blockchain.
Last but not least, viewers can increase their significance to impact a match by purchasing game items and boosters in the game's store, thereby increasing their $HOGS revenue when rooted for the winning team.