Stadiums (Land)

The Hoglympics allows you to earn actively by building the ultimate Hoglympics team composed of 4 Hogs and participating in the game modes, tournaments, and even championships. A more passive way of making $HOGS would be by upholding a top position on the leaderboard—however, the competition is assumed to be fierce. Therefore, the most convenient and passive way of earning would be to simply own a piece of land in our metaverse.
There are three ways of obtaining Stadium NFTs:
  • NFT drops
  • In-game marketplace
  • Construction season
Stadium owners can host games between the two playing teams and special events like tournaments and championships to earn the 15% fee after the match is finished. Moreover, Stadiums are used as a training center for Hog NFTs to refine their properties and skills. The level of the Stadium and reputation make a big difference where a high-level (and often much anticipated) match will be played. For example, a low-level Stadium with little to no facilities is not practical to host a big tournament in, as fewer viewers can enter to watch the game. Finally, other game and token mechanics also play a minor role in selecting a Stadium for a brawl.
All in all, a popular game with many viewers will increase the prize pool. Although being a Stadium owner can give you passive income, Stadium owners are incentivized to innovate their stadiums by building and acquiring facilities and creating and hosting special events to attract more users to the Stadium. Thus, it's not recommended to leave your Stadium in the dust upon purchase but instead, put some effort into it.
The first Stadium NFT drop will involve football pitches as they represent the area where the first Hoglympics game will be played. Typically, a Stadium NFT can host only a single Olympic Game, but acquiring facilities and leveling up your Stadium gives room for multiple sports and events to be organized simultaneously.