You should carefully consider the risks involved in purchasing and holding digital currencies and also the risks described below, as well as the other information included in this Hoglympics White Paper (the “White Paper”) and in www.hoglympics.com website (the “Website”), before you decide to use any of the information herein and/or purchasing the Hoglympics tokens (MBG), and/or the score tokens and/or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and/or attempting to use the Hoglympics network. For further information, please carefully read the Legal Considerations, Risks, and Disclaimers in the Website which constitutes an integral part of the White Paper.
This White Paper is meant to provide the reader with general information regarding the Hoglympics' token and the score tokens (together, the “Tokens”), the in-game NFTs (the “NFTs”), and the Hoglympics game platform (the “Platform”). It is meant to inform the current design and/or planned design of the Tokens, NFTs, and the Platform. This White Paper is informational only and does not represent any commitment to you, the reader, of any of the current or future designs or functionality of the Tokens, NFTs, or the Platform. Moreover, this White Paper is not a solicitation to purchase the Tokens or NFTs, or any other instrument.
Purchasing the Tokens and/or NFTs involves considerable risk. The Tokens or NFTs may become worthless and the Platform may not meet your needs. No purchases can be refunded or exchanged. Do not purchase the Tokens or NFTs with money you cannot afford to lose. There is no guarantee that the utility of the Tokens or NFTs will meet your needs or expectations.
If you purchase the Tokens or NFTs you are inherently assuming the risk of its loss of value from the time of the purchase, and you are agreeing that the Tokens’ and NFTs’ future functionality might be all they are ever capable of doing. If you purchase any of the Tokens or NFTs you agree that you have no recourse and you will not assert any claim, action, judgment, or remedy against Hoglympics (its offices, employees, agents, advisors, affiliates, distributes, group companies, and subsidiaries) if the Tokens or NFTs loses value, the Hoglympics Platform ceases to function, or if the Platform does not ultimately meet expectations.
If you are uncertain whether to purchase the Tokens or NFTs in light of these disclaimers or legal notices contained herein or if you are concerned about the loss of any money you use to purchase the Tokens or NFTs, we strongly urge you not to purchase any Tokens or NFTs.
We recommend you consult legal, financial, tax, technology, and other professional advisors or experts for further guidance before purchasing the Tokens or NFTs. We cannot provide you with any of the foregoing advice. Accordingly, you are strongly advised to take independent legal advice in respect of the legality in the jurisdiction of your purchase of the Tokens or NFTs.
The Tokens and NFTs are not shares or securities of any type. The Tokens and NFTs exist to facilitate your use of the Platform. They are not investments; there is no promise or expectation that they will increase in value; they are valuable only insofar as they are designed to work within the Platform, if at all.
Last modified 9mo ago