When is the public sale?

Our final sale is organized under the roof of our very own platform. In due time, you will learn all details regarding the IDO.

How do I participate in the private sale?

Our backers make up just a third of our private sale. In fact, we don’t intend on excluding the regular investor from our private sale. Many projects choose to allocate a significant portion of their (private) presale to just a handful of establishment suits and VCs. By doing so, they leave a tiny piece for the average Joe that literally has to wage a war over a $100 allocation.
All in all, it creates an unequal distribution of tokens that only benefits those who attempt to continue getting ahead of us.
If you’re interested in access to the private sale, you can sign up for our private sale back office.

How do I buy a Hog NFT?

You can buy a Hog NFT by participating in the upcoming NFT drop shortly after our TGE. The sale will offer a set number of Hogs to be sold at an undecided price. Your Hog’s rarity is determined at random, but it goes straight to your wallet after minting it.

How do I buy a Stadium NFT?

Similar to the first issuance of the Hog NFTs, we will organize an NFT drop for the Stadiums, but instead, it will be right after the release of our Hognations game mode (later this year).

I have a (formal) question for the team?!

Please write an email to [email protected] for your general questions. As for partnership, marketing, or other business-related inquiries, please correspond [email protected] instead. Finally, for private sale matters, you can reach us through [email protected].